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Flower Box

Beauty and Blooms

Be Crowned with Beauty


Hosted by Reilly Teresita Turpin,
Owner of Beauty for Ashes

An on-site beauty business that does makeup and hair services for weddings, photoshoots, and events.  Reilly is a professional makeup artist and licensed hair stylist who has been in the beauty industry for 10 years. 

Co-Hosted by Lindi Collins,
Owner of The Bridal Garden

Armed with a flower and a pair of scissors, Lindi built a multiple six-figure wedding floral design company, The Bridal Garden, from scratch. Over time, those small dreams grew and evolved into a burgeoning business meeting the needs of hundreds of brides and counting. Lindi has traversed the state and back again, leaving blooms in her wake. She has a passion for creating, from painting to screen printing and from cooking to designing.


What to expect from Beauty & Blooms

What to bring


Makeup Class

Come fresh-faced as we will be teaching how to apply makeup and your face is the canvas!  All of the makeup products and tools will be provided.  You do not have to bring your own supplies.  Although, if there is a specific product you have questions about, feel free to bring it and ask during the Q and A time.  


Floral Class 

You do not have to provide any supplies for the flower crown.  the tools, scissors, and blooms will al be provided.  Just come ready to tap into your creative self!



If you would like to bring your Bible, you are more than welcome to!  Although, our devotional will be brief and we will not be assigning an extensive amount of time to study the Bible.  

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